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Top Five Causes of Air Conditioner Failures

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Top Five Causes of Air Conditioner Failures

Prevention is the easiest way to avoid any complications arising from your air conditioner. It is important to look into the problems that are most likely to happen so you can take steps to prevent them.

Here is a list of the 5 most common problems so you know what to keep an eye out for to prevent damage or total failure to the system.

  1. Electrical Issues – If you notice that your circuit breaker is being tripped constantly while your air conditioner is on it may be a sign that your system has bad wiring. Bad wiring can occur from deterioration of wires, corrosion, or just faulty wiring. This is a very serious issue because it can lead to a fire in your home. If you suspect that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly get it checked out immediately.
  2. Low Refrigerant – Air conditioners function through the use a refrigerant chemical to cool off the air. If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t blowing out cold air it could be indicative of a refrigerant leak or a problem with how it is functioning in the system. If you suspect a problem with your refrigerant be sure to get it looked at or your air conditioner will continue subpar performance.
  3. Poor Air Flow – Air conditioners essentially move warm air over cooling elements before blowing it out into your home. If any part of this airflow system is interrupted or the blowing power is weak you will not be able to get the best experience out of your air conditioner. This is usually caused by dirty air filters, which can be solved by cleaning them or having them replaced. Issues could also be a result of an overall problem with dirt and debris in the system. Be sure to have an annual inspections/cleaning to make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly.
  4. Faulty Thermostat – The thermostat is a crucial component of the air conditioner system. It tells the air conditioner when it should turn on and off to keep your house at the temperature you desire. Sometimes the thermostat can break or get out of calibration.  This will cause the temperature in your house to fluctuate differently than you’d expect. If you suspect that something is wrong with how your air conditioner is cooling your house, first check the thermometer to see if it’s reading properly. If it is it call your furnace installer for additional information on how to diagnose and treat the issue.
  5. Frozen Coil – As mentioned, air conditioners function by drawing in warm air where the coils cool it and then blow it back into the house. If there is a build-up of debris, dirt, or anything to block the airflow the coil can become frozen. The best way to deal with this is to keep up with your regular servicing where inspectors will check to make sure everything is functioning properly.

If you suspect your air conditioner of falling prey to one of these issues, don’t hesitate to get your Air Conditioner Repaired.

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