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Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

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Plenty of duct cleaning services exist out in the world, but the quality of these services can fluctuate from company to company. Trustworthy information on duct cleaning can be hard to find, but you can leave it to Action Furnace team to set the record straight.

We want our customers to be equipped with the best information possible when they look for an HVAC service like duct cleaning, so we’re going to lift the veil off this age-old conundrum and finally answer the question: is duct cleaning really worth it?

Dusting the Slate Clean

It can be difficult to know when you need to get your ducts cleaned. However, if you leave your ducts unattended for long enough, you may start to experience:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Constantly dusty living spaces
  • Strange odours
  • Poor furnace efficiency

Our technicians will happily confirm the state of your ducts during an annual furnace tune-up. Furnace tune-ups can help improve your furnace system’s efficiency and protect it from costly breakdowns.

For the best air quality, you should have your ducts cleaned by our professionals every year. But you might need cleanings more frequently if you’re renovating your home or if you live in a regularly dusty or dirty environment.

Dirty Duct Problems

You may not think of it, but 50% of all respiratory illnesses are linked to poor indoor air quality caused by years of neglect, mould, and even rodents.

Mould, rodents, and debris can easily accumulate for years. Though your air might not be immediately affected by these issues, they will build up over time and possibly lead to problems in the future.

Dust, Debris, & More

In a Toronto Star report, one individual who hadn’t had a proper duct cleaning in years suddenly became aware that it was getting harder to breathe in her home. Once she had a professional team take a look at her ducts, they discovered pounds of dust, construction debris, and years worth of human and pet hair clogging portions of her ducts.

This build-up can happen, and new homeowners should have their ducts checked before moving in to ensure these issues aren’t contaminating the air.


While ducts aren’t necessarily a place for moisture to develop (since it’s a metal pathway with air constantly blowing through it), mould can still develop inside your ducts if there is a problem with your air conditioner or heat pump’s evaporator coils. If you have mould growing inside your ducts, not only will they need to be cleaned, you will likely need work done on your HVAC unit as well.

Rodent Infestation

Rodents can lead to a range of problems in your duct system. Not only can their droppings and urine exacerbate allergies and create horrible odours in your home, but their existence can also lead to blockages in your entire HVAC system, reducing your indoor air quality.

If you notice rodents are infesting your duct system, you will need to call our team as well as a pest-control specialist to have your ducts cleaned properly without damaging your home.

How Can You Maintain a Clean Duct System?

Technician cleaning ducts.

Now that you know the potential risks of not maintaining your duct system, what can you do to ensure your ducts are working properly year after year? Action Furnace and our team of Comfort Advisors can help set you up with state-of-the-art air purification and filtration systems designed to keep your duct system and air as clean as possible.

UV-C Purification Systems

Mould generally develops when there are issues with your evaporator coil inside your HVAC system. But by treating the coil with UV light, these systems eliminate the existence of mould, bacteria, and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before they can be released into your home.

Our team has a few different UV-C purification systems you can consider. Our APCO-X UV purifier is one of the best in the market, wiping away mould spores’ existence while producing 0 ozone emissions.

HEPA Air Filters

It’s commonly known that changing your furnace filter can help maintain the air quality in your home, but high-quality HEPA air filters can help keep your air cleaner for longer. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters can catch particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns wide, the average size of air allergens and contaminants.

These filters help prevent particulates from building up in your ducts, causing further problems down the line.

You should always choose your furnace filter based on its MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and this number can help determine the type of air filter that’s best for your home. 

MERV ratings range from 1 to 16; the lower the MERV value, the fewer contaminants the filter will be able to catch and vice versa. Most homes’ furnace filters should have a MERV rating between 8 and 11. But if you’re having trouble managing your air quality, then you should consider using a higher MERV value filter.

Home Humidifiers

Home humidifiers may seem counterintuitive if you’re looking to reduce the risk of mould growth in your vents, but you shouldn’t have to worry about this issue as long as you’re regularly maintaining your humidifier at the start of every heating season.

Humidifiers can help reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air, helping you live more comfortably in our dry Albertan environment.

How Can We Help?

If your home needs a duct cleaning, we’d be happy to help while also providing you with solutions to maintain your air quality for years to come! Even if you aren’t sure if your home needs its ducts cleaned, our specialists and technicians will evaluate your ducts to ensure your entire HVAC system works as efficiently as possible.Please, give our team a call today!

Written by Ryan Tutak

Ryan is considered one of Calgary's most knowledgeable residential HVAC specialists. Working in the industry for over 12 years, he's helped thousands of homeowners with their heating and cooling systems. Outside of running Calgary's most reputable HVAC business, you can find him on the Golf course practicing his short game or traveling with his family. His main goal is to create a positive collaborative culture, one in which his employees are excited to come in and are motivated to work hard. He spends the majority of his day working directly with Home Comfort Advisors, Service and Maintenance Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives ensuring they are fully prepared to lead the Home Service Industry in Customer Service.
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