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The True Differences Between Furnace Filters

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Air Conditioner Prices in Alberta: What to Expect

Alberta’s summers keep getting warmer—which means air conditioning keeps getting more essential for homeowners who want to stay comfortable and s

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Turning On AC After Winter: 5 Key Steps

Part of enjoying summer is soaking up the sun—except when you need relief from the heat. If you’re lucky enough to have in-home air conditioning,

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The Ultimate Guide to Duct Insulation

The ductwork in your home is responsible for circulating the air treated by your central heating and cooling equipment, so it’s vital to make sure

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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide From Furnace Leaks

Your furnace provides essential heating in cold weather, but keeping it properly maintained is vital for preventing potentially dangerous gasses from

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What’s the Best Humidity Level for My House? (Canada Edition)

Finding the best humidity level for your house is a vital part of staying comfortable. A home that’s too humid can make you feel clammy, while a ho

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How to Reduce Static in Your Home

Uninvited zaps from doorknobs and clingy clothes are just a few of the problems that come with static electricity building up in your home—but you

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How Electric Furnaces Work

Electric furnaces are an appealing alternative in Calgary due to their energy efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance costs. These systems use e

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How Often Should You Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

There are a few things you’ll need to do on a regular basis to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient, but one task that often slips under

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What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

Hot water is essential for your household, but water heaters eventually need to be replaced. When the time comes, it’s vital to make sure you choos

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