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Basic Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Your hot water heater is one of the most indispensable equipment in your household. Because it regulates the water you use to make your everyday life more comfortable, it is very important to have it maintained and working properly. The last thing you want is to have it fail when you need it most, especially during the cold weather.

Before you do any basic hot water heater maintenance to your appliance, make sure to put your safety as a priority. Adequate preparation is key. You can do this simply by shutting down the gas or electricity off to the heater, turning off the water valve and draining all the water. Preferably, have another person close to you or in the same area as you’re doing any repair in case of any emergency.

If you’ve done all of those things, you’re ready to do some basic hot water heater maintenance. Here are some of the most common issues and how to deal with them.

Sediment And Mineral Build-Up

Because of the constant water flow, sediments and minerals can build up over time and can cause clogging issue. Part of your maintenance routine should be to clean the bottom of your hot water heater tank. Don’t worry, you only have to do this once a year and it’s actually not very difficult.

Start off by draining the tank after you’ve shut down the water supply. Once empty, make sure to scrub the bottom of the tank and flush out all the build up by turning on the water supply. Also, this is a great alternative than using harsh chemicals and strong cleaning agents.

Dealing With Bad Odours

Without doing a regular flushing routine, you may be suffering from bad odors. This happens when bacteria feeds off the sediments in your hot water tank which results in water coming out with an unpleasant smell.

To fix this problem, allow a gallon of bleach with cold water to sit for a few hours to kill the bacteria. Make sure to flush it with hot water afterwards.

Inconsistent Water Temperature

If the water coming out of your hot water heater is not the temperature you expected, the error is in the thermostat of the heating element.

The remedy to the issue is to simply disassemble the thermostat plate and check if the switch button is tripped. By checking the wiring of the heater, this problem can be solved easily.

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way. If you know and understand some of the basic hot water heater maintenance, your appliance can last you for many years without any hassle and keep it in good working condition.

If you’re at a loss, give the experts at Action Furnace a call for your Hot Water Heater needs.

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24/7 Emergency Availability
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