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Senior man changing dirty furnace filter from furnace system in his basement.

Dangers of a Dirty Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter plays an essential part in maintaining clean air throughout your home and protecting the inner workings of your furnace, especially the blower fan that helps with proper air circulation. A dirty furnace filter causes dangers in your home, from poor air quality to potentially replacing your entire furnace. Changing your furnace filters […]

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Electric Vs. Gas Furnaces: Which Is Best For Alberta’s Cold & Dry Climate?

The earliest furnaces used wood and coal to heat homes and buildings, but as time pressed on, fossil fuels made it even more affordable and efficient to meet ever-increasing heating needs. As technology developed further, more options became available to the public, including electrical furnace systems. However, what is the best option for your home? […]

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Top 10 Causes Of Furnace Failure

Canadian winters are harsh, and nothing makes them harder to endure than a broken furnace. Most furnace problems can be avoided through regular maintenance, but that knowledge can offer little comfort when the temperature in your house drops. It is essential to give your furnace a good once-over each fall, so you can hopefully address […]

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