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How To Save Money With A Smart Thermostat

It seems as though everything’s getting smarter these days, and your thermostat is no exception. Even if you have a perfectly good traditional thermostat, Action Furnace recommends that you at least think about a smart thermostat. To get you started, here’s more about how you can save money with a smart thermostat.

What Are They?

Rather than manually change your thermostat, smart thermostats adjust themselves according to your preferences and whichever settings you program into them. In addition to turning your furnace on before you get home so it’s nice and warm when you walk through the door, you can adjust the temperature remotely when you’re away from home.

What Are Your Options?

You’ll have two types of thermostat to choose from: those with internet connectivity capabilities and those that adjust themselves. If you can, select a model that shares qualities with both types of thermostat. Modes often come with such features as remote management apps, learning features and sensors that detect when someone is home. While you’re shopping around, be sure you check to see if you’ll need a professional in Calgary HVAC technician to install your thermostat for you, which increases the overall cost.

How Can They Save You Money?

There are several ways you can save yourself money with smart thermostats. The first is cutting your installation cost by taking care of the job yourself. Smart thermostats are at their most cost effective if you plan on staying in your current residence long enough to reap the benefits of saving on your heating and cooling bills. If you rent, you should take your thermostat with you.

Because it’s possible to save as much as about $180 a year by switching to a smart thermostat, it might take some time to recoup its full cost. Thermostats save homeowners more when they’re used properly and to their fullest potential.

For more information on smart thermostats, or if you need help installing one, your friends at Action Furnace are here to help.