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When Purchasing a New Heating System it is Critical to Get the Right-Sized Furnace and Have it Installed to the Highest Standards.

Action Furnace Is Leading The Way in furnace install techniques and has perfected the design and set-up of modern residential furnaces.

Providing World Class Customer Experience is the focus of everything we do and is one of our core values. We also have an outstanding reputation for quality work and reliable service.

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New furnace installations Starting at $39/Bi-Weekly. Apply here.

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Dedicated Customer Experience Team

Action Furnace has built the only dedicated customer experience support team in Alberta. This team is dedicated to our installation customers only and can answer any questions you could have about your new system. Our dedication to our customers does not end once you have purchased your new system.

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Exceptionally Friendly, Well-Trained, & Highly-Skilled Technicians

Before being allowed to lead an installation team, our technicians are required to complete a comprehensive 14 months apprenticeship program. Our technicians are very respectful of you and your home – we leave it cleaner than we found it!

Our friendly comfort specialist will take the stress out of choosing your new comfort system. We GUARANTEE your new furnace system will be the right size for your home.

Real Guarantees Backed by a Reliable & Established Company

No Surprise Guarantee

We guarantee that the investment quoted is what you will pay. There will be no additional charges during or after the installation.

Action Furnace is committed to ensuring that your new home comfort system will be installed on the date we promised. Should we have to reschedule, our team will honour our Installation Date Guarantee and pay you $500 for the inconvenience.

If your new furnace or air conditioner breaks down within the first year and leaves you without heat or cooling for more than 24 hours, we will arrange your stay in a local hotel for the evening and pay you $500 for the inconvenience. 

We guarantee that if, after 2 years, the equipment and service that we provided do not meet your expectations, we will remove the equipment and return 100% of your investment, plus interest.

We guarantee that the air conditioner or new furnace system(s) we install in your home will heat or cool your home, as we have stated, to a variance of plus or minus three degrees. If the promised temperature range is not achieved, we will replace the system at no charge.

We guarantee that the system(s) we have installed in your home qualify for the government rebate programs as we have stated, or we will rebate you the amount specified.

Our installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. If they have not performed in accordance with these high standards, we provide you with a 1-year free club membership at no charge. 

All property such as carpeting, floors, walls, furniture, and door frames are protected. In the unlikely event of damage, the property will be replaced and/or repaired. Protective hall runners will be used on all work and traffic areas as we install your new furnace and air conditioner. 

We promise you will not find a comparable furnace or air conditioner installation with the same quality and guarantees for less money. If you do, we will pay you $250 over and above the competing offer. All we ask is that the comparison be “Apples to Apples.” 

We guarantee you will save a minimum of 20% on your natural gas usage. If not, we will refund double the cost of the gas savings not realized during the first year.

100% Peace Of Mind Warranty

Our exclusive line of furnace units comes with amazing 12-year parts and a 12-year labour warranty.

Trust the Alberta-Owned Company With Over 30,000 Installations & Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

GRACE B – Calgary

Action Furnace is excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone! We had a furnace installed a few years ago and they were excellent at support/questions then, and again this winter when we noticed our heat not functioning properly. They put their customers first and that makes me happy! Planning to sign up for their annual furnace maintenance program as well.

Trust the Alberta-Owned Company With Over 20,000 Installations
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Born and raised in Alberta, proudly serving Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and the surrounding areas.


Action Furnace has been in business since 1975 and knows what it takes to do the job right.


With convenient financing as low as $39/Bi-weekly, your home comfort has never been this affordable.

Furnace Installation FAQs Questionmark - Ask Action Furnace a Question!

Furnace Installation FAQs

You can always contact our team with questions about furnace installs, upgrades, or replacements. Here are some questions our customers often ask!

High-efficiency furnaces save energy by operating with less heat waste than conventional furnaces. New heating technology and components make this possible. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures how much heat a furnace can create from the fuel being consumed.

High-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE of at least 90% and sometimes as high as 98.5%!

Traditional furnaces can have an AFUE rating as low as 80%. Because of this difference in fuel-burning efficiency, a new high-efficiency furnace can save you over 12% on your energy bill!

No two installations are exactly the same. Several factors impact the timeline of a heating system
install. These factors include:

  • The type of equipment being installed.
    The quality of existing ductwork in your home and whether or not we are adding
  • The space we are working in to install your furnace. Cramped spaces can increase
    installation time.
  • Ease of access to installation areas.

Action Furnace Comfort Advisors do their absolute best to give you an accurate quote on expected installation timelines. That said, many furnace installs can be completed within one day. But we’ll always communicate expectations before your purchase.

The lifetime of any HVAC equipment is influenced by maintenance habits and the demands on the system. With annual tune-ups and proper care, new furnaces can last up to 15 years or more.

Action Furnace offers a 12-Year Parts & Labor Guarantee on signature heating systems we install. When you upgrade your furnace, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your equipment is covered.

The price of a new heating system will vary depending on your heating requirements. The
following factors influence installation price:

  • The heating capacity of your equipment (size).
  • The make and model of your furnace.
  • Whether new ductwork needs to be installed.

The features and ratings of your equipment.
When calculating the costs of a furnace replacement, consider the monthly energy cost savings
that a modern furnace can provide. Our Comfort Advisors will also keep you informed of any
rebate programs available in your region.

You may need a new furnace if your current furnace is:

  • Over 12 – 15 years old
  • Frequently needing repairs
  • Not keeping your home warm enough
  • Increasing your energy bills

The most common types of furnaces are:

  • Gas: natural gas furnaces are the most commonly used in Canada, and provide cost-effective heating for most homes.
  • Electric: furnaces that use electricity allow you to avoid fuel costs and produce fewer emissions.
  • Oil: oil-based furnaces are ideal for rural properties not located near natural gas lines.

The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Contact Action Furnace for a recommendation that fits your needs and home.

The size of furnace you need will depend on:

  • The size of your home
  • The insulation level of your home
  • Your climate (Alberta’s cold winters often require more powerful furnaces)

Our professional HVAC Comfort Advisors can help you determine the correct size of furnace for your home and your individual comfort needs. Contact Action Furnace to learn more!

Trying to install your own furnace is not recommended, as it requires specialized tools and knowledge. Any work performed on a furnace by someone other than a licensed contractor can also prematurely void your equipment’s warranty, so it is always best to hire our professional HVAC technicians for installation.

Probably! A new furnace can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills if it is the right size and is properly installed.

Our exclusive line of heating systems come with a 12 year warranty that covers both parts and labour. We make it easy for you to enjoy total peace of mind when heating your home.

Furnace efficiency is measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the furnace is. Common AFUE ratings include: 

  • AFUE 80
  • AFUE 95 
  • AFUE 96
  • AFUE 97

The number in a given AFUE rating represents the percentage of energy converted into usable heat for your home, while the remainder represents the amount lost through chimneys and other ventilation systems. For example, an AFUE of 90 would mean that 90% of the furnace’s energy is converted into heat while 10% is lost.

Working on any HVAC equipment in Alberta—including furnaces—requires a heating and ventilation permit under the Safety Codes Permit Bylaw. A gas permit may also be required under Alberta’s Safety Codes Act. Entrusting Action Furnace to perform your installation is the easiest way to make sure all required permits and documents are secured before work begins.





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