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Furnace Tune-Ups Only $149 in Calgary, Edmonton & Red Deer

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A Proper Tune-Up Will Ensure Your Furnace Operates Efficiently & Helps Avoid Costly Repairs.

Save Up To 12% On Your Energy Bill with a furnace tune-up. Your furnace will not only be more reliable, but the efficiency could save you significant money on your energy bill.

We Promise To Optimize Your Furnace. We don’t cut any corners; we have extensive checklists and tests to make sure that you are set up beautifully for the season ahead.

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The Industry’s Most Thorough Tune-Up


A clean and well-maintained furnace will simply last longer and will require fewer repairs over its useful life.


Annual furnace tune-ups can help you save money by reducing your energy bill by up to 12%.


  • Check Gas Pressures on 1st & 2nd Stage
  • Igniter Performance
  • Temperature Heat Rise
  • Blower Motor Efficiency
  • Complete Safety Check!
Annual furnace tune-ups can help you save money by reducing your energy bill by up to 12%.

Your Furnace Isn’t the Only Thing We Need to Check

Our furnace technicians are highly trained and qualified to ensure you get the best performance from your home heating system. 

We will complete a full check of your furnace during your tune-up:

  • Ventilation System
  • Mechanical Room
  • Thermostat Operation
  • Hot Water Heater (including operation & spillage)
  • Wiring Systems
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Gas Lines & Gas Valves (for any leaks)

Being A Member Pays Off!




  • Annual WOW! Tune-Up
  • Front of the Line Priority Service (Within 48 Hours)
  • Diagnostic Fees Are 50% off For All Members
  • 10% Off Future Repairs 
  • Annual Supply of Standard Furnace Filters


JEFF E – Calgary

We had our annual furnace tune-up/inspection this week. Dan showed up right on time, and was very courteous. Before he started work, he told me his goal was to provide nothing less than 5-star service (how refreshing), and he delivered. My furnaces are relatively new, but he spent some extra time for me making sure my humidifiers were functioning properly. Also pointed out how I could save energy by installing a water saver, which we did.




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Furnace Tune-Ups FAQs Questionmark - Ask Action Furnace a Question!

Furnace Tune-Ups FAQs

You can always contact our team with questions about furnace maintenance, tune-ups, or repairs. Here are some questions our customers often ask!

Yes, furnace air filters must be replaced periodically to maintain peak performance. Ideally, this should be done every 3 months. Dirty air filters slow down airflow and reduce the efficiency of
your equipment.

Checking for a dirty air filter is a good place to start if your furnace is not performing properly. Our heating experts supply you with a full year’s worth of air filters and an Annual WOW! Tune-Up
when you become a Comfort Club Member.

Just like you take your car for an oil change, your home heating system needs some TLC too! If you live in Alberta, your furnace works hard for several months a year. Taking care of this equipment will extend the life of your unit and increase efficiency.

Tune-ups and heating maintenance are also great ways to prevent major repairs or damage from occurring. Our specialists get a chance to evaluate your furnace and make recommendations for
preventative measures that will save money down the road.

If your furnace is producing warm air but you can’t seem to get the desired temperature, it could mean your thermostat is faulty. Try adjusting the temperature up and see if your system reacts.

The temperature sensor could be malfunctioning, in which case you’ll want to call an HVAC service tech.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is one way to improve the efficiency of your heating system. Our service specialists test and calibrate your thermostats during an annual furnace tune-up.

You want your home to be prepared for the colder months, so schedule a furnace tune-up before the winter starts. When a technician inspects your heating system, they ensure everything is
working properly and ready for the Alberta winter.

A service professional can suggest repairs or upgrades to avoid heating emergencies when the weather is coldest. So think about scheduling your Heating Tune-Up in early autumn.

A furnace tune-up is important because it can help to prolong the life of the furnace, improve its efficiency, and ensure that it is operating safely. It can also help to identify and fix potential problems before they become major issues.

We recommend calling Action Furnace to have your furnace tuned-up at least once a year, usually before the start of the heating season. Our pros will conduct a thorough inspection of your heating equipment to identify any issues and propose effective solutions.

Our furnace tune-ups include:

  • A thorough cleaning of the furnace and all its components
  • An inspection of the burners, blower, and electrical connections
  • A check of the thermostat and safety controls
  • A test of the furnace’s overall performance

While some simple maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, we strongly recommend calling our professional HVAC technicians to tune-up your furnace. The Action Furnace team has the knowledge and tools to safely and effectively perform the necessary tasks without affecting your heating equipment’s warranty.

The cost of a furnace tune-up will vary depending on the location and the service provider. An average furnace tune-up can cost around $199, but call Action Furnace and we’ll be happy to provide you with an accurate estimate for our services.

Most likely! Our furnace tune-ups are a great way to help improve the efficiency of your furnace, resulting in lower energy bills. Annual tune-ups by Action Furnace can reduce your energy bills by up to 12%.

Yes! When we perform your furnace tune-up, we replace dirty air filters and clean numerous components, including the blower fan. This decreases the amount of particulate matter that circulates through your ductwork when you run your furnace, improving the indoor air quality.

Schedule a furnace tune-up before the winter starts so you can be prepared for cold weather. When our technicians inspect your heating system, they ensure everything is working properly and ready for winter in Alberta.

We’ll also suggest repairs or upgrades to avoid heating emergencies when the weather is coldest—so think about scheduling your tune-up in early autumn.

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