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Our Technicians Are Trained Better

We require hours of mandatory training for every technician every year. That’s why we have been leading the industry in hot water tank repairs since 1975.

It is important to work with a company that stands behind its service. This is why our hot water tank repairs are backed by our “fixed right or it’s free” guarantee.

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Fixed Right or It’s Free Guarantee

If one of our hot water tank repairs should fail during the first year, we will repair it again absolutely FREE. We will also return 100% of your original investment. Action Furnace: where repairs are always Fixed Right or It’s Free.

Choose Action Furnace for Your Hot Water Tank Repairs

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Once our technician has diagnosed the issue, we will provide you with an all-inclusive upfront cost for the products and services you need. You can trust our team to give honest advice by showing you all your options and only recommending what’s best for you.

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We equip all our trucks with professional tools and high-quality parts. This ensures that our technicians have everything they need to complete the hot water tank repair as quickly and effectively as possible. 

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Our skilled hot water tank repair technicians can properly diagnose, service and repair all major hot water tank brands. If your water heater needs repair, trust Action Furnace to assess your situation promptly. 

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Our commitment to quality service does not end once we have repaired your hot water tank. This is why we have received thousands of 5-star reviews.

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Action Furnace will provide a professional, licensed, qualified, and highly trained technician to repair your hot water tank.

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We are proud to offer industry-leading guarantees that protect you and your investments. Our Fixed Right or Its FREE guarantee will give you peace of mind. If our hot water tank repair should fail for any reason within the first year, we’ll fix it for FREE. 

Quick Troubleshooting for Your Water Heater

Pilot Light

Is the pilot light on? If the pilot light is off, the burners won’t ignite, and your water will be cold. If the pilot is out, follow the instructions to relight.

Check to see that your temperature setting on your gas valve has not been accidentally set on vacation mode.

Double-check that your venting above your water heater is not blocked.

Still not working? No problem! Call Action Furnace and one of our highly trained technicians will report to your home in a fully stocked truck, quickly diagnose the problem and gives you a price before work is done.

Being A Member Pays Off!

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  • Annual WOW! Tune-Up
  • Front of the Line Priority Service (Within 48 Hours)
  • Diagnostic Fees Are 50% off For All Members
  • 10% Off Future Repairs





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Hot Water Heater Repair FAQs Questionmark - Ask Action Furnace a Question!

Hot Water Heater Repair FAQs

You can always contact our team with questions about water heaters, or repairs. Here are some questions our customers often ask!

Common problems with hot water heaters include:

  • No hot water: this can be caused by a faulty heating element, a broken thermostat, a tripped breaker, or a lack of power to the unit
  • Insufficient hot water: if the hot water heater is not producing enough hot water, it could be due to a worn out heating element, a clogged dip tube, or a faulty thermostat.
  • Leaking: a leaking hot water heater tank can be caused by corrosion, a faulty valve, or a damaged tank.
  • Strange noises: popping, hissing, or rumbling noises can indicate a buildup of sediment in hot water tanks or an issue with the heating element.
  • Rust-colored water: rust-colored water can indicate rust in a hot water tank, or corrosion in the pipes.

If you are experiencing any of the common hot water heater problems listed above, contact Action Furnace right away and let one of our professional service technicians find the problem so we can provide you with an accurate up-front quote for repairs.

We recommend having your hot water heater serviced once per year to ensure all components are functioning properly. Action Furnace technicians can inspect your hot water heater thoroughly and alert you to any issues that need to be addressed.

Some simple maintenance tasks such as replacing the anode rod or flushing the tank can be done by homeowners, but we do not recommend trying to fix your hot water heater by yourself, as this requires specialized tools and knowledge. Trying to fix your water heater on your own can also damage your plumbing or affect your heater’s warranty—so it’s always best to contact Action Furnace for repairs.

The cost of repairing a hot water heater will vary depending on the type of problem, the age and condition of the system, and the cost of parts and labor. On average, repairs can cost between $150 and $450—but contact Action Furnace for an accurate quote you can trust, based on our No Surprise Guarantee for pricing.

If your hot water heater is not working, check the thermostat to ensure that it is set to the correct temperature. If the problem persists, contact Action Furnace for repairs.

The time it takes to repair a hot water heater will vary depending on the type of problem, the age and condition of the system, and the availability of parts. Most repairs can be completed within a day, unless specific components need to be ordered. If your repair is likely to take longer, we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can prepare accordingly.

If your hot water heater is old and in need of frequent repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. However, if the problem is a simple and inexpensive fix, then a repair may be the more cost-effective option.

Most hot water tanks can last 8-12 years with proper maintenance, while tankless heaters can be maintained for up to 20. Even if your water heater is not experiencing obvious problems, replacing it when it starts reaching the end of its lifespan can be a great way to lower your utility bills (since newer heaters will offer significantly better energy efficiency).

The most common causes of hot water heater breakdowns include a lack of maintenance, mineral buildup, and leaks.

To prevent your hot water heater from breaking down, it is important to have it serviced and maintained at least once a year.

Our professional technicians can flush your hot water tanks, check your water supply lines, and identify any problems or issues we find so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible.

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