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How to Save Money on Your Hot Water Bill


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These days it seems like the cost of living keeps going up and up. Groceries, gas prices, and even your home utility bills might be on the rise. And ...

Posted by Ryan | November 17, 2022

These days it seems like the cost of living keeps going up and up. Groceries, gas prices, and even your home utility bills might be on the rise. And as a result, more and more families are looking for ways to help save some money.

One way to reduce your monthly spending is to manage your home’s heating. And a big part of your home’s heat consumption is hot water.

Let’s discuss ways to keep your hot water consumption down and save money on your hot water bill. 

Start With Your Hot Water Tank

Unlike your furnace, your hot water tank is an appliance that’s probably running year-round. Most of us enjoy a warm relaxing shower at the end of the day or the convenience of hot water running through the dishwasher to scrub those glasses spotless.

But if you’re not paying attention to this consumption, your hot water bill can quickly become one of the highest utility costs of the year.

Where should you start looking for ways to save some money? How about the source, your hot water tank.

Lowering the Temperature

One of the easiest ways to save money operating your hot water tank is to lower the tank temperature. Do you really need the bathwater scorching? Turning down the temp means that less energy is required to keep your water supply at the set level.

Nowadays, this can even be done from your phone using a water heater timer. A water heater timer can be set to ensure you have hot water at the ready during your family’s peak water usage times only.

You can view your usage month over month to track the savings once you’ve turned down the heat a little.

Regular Tune-ups

Different types of water heaters require different types of maintenance. But no matter what system you have, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance each year.

Regular maintenance checks should include the following:

  • Test the pressure release valve
  • Flush the tank to remove any sediment or debris
  • Inspection of vital components
  • Tank assessment to ensure there are no cracks or leaks
  • Descaling

Regular maintenance can improve your hot water tank’s efficiency, performance, and life expectancy. This saves you money on monthly bills and helps prevent significant repairs.

Care-free annual maintenance is included in Action Furnace’s Total Comfort Club Membership if you prefer a professional handle your water heater maintenance.

Get Energy Efficient!

Did you know that Canadians use 75 litres of hot water daily, which equates to about 17% of the total energy used in your home?! That’s a lot of money that you could be wasting!

So, another great way to save on your hot water bill is to consider replacing your current hot water tank with an EnergyStar-certified unit. These efficient units reduce your monthly costs by using less energy to heat the water flowing through your tank and throughout your home.

Go Tankless!

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming the new hot (pun intended) appliance on the market today.

Unlike traditional tank-style heaters, tankless systems heat water on demand as it passes through internal coils rather than heating and storing large volumes of water.

This means less energy loss from standby heating and an overall more efficient system.

Get One That’s Just Right

A properly-sized hot water tank is a significant factor in saving money on your hot water bills.

 A unit that is too small will work overtime to try and heat the water needed for your family when demands are high. And while it’s using all this energy, it still may not deliver the temperature you want when you want it.

A tank water heater that’s too big can waste energy heating water you’ll never use. Both inefficiencies can result in higher monthly bills.

What Else Can You Do?

Even the most well-maintained, energy-efficient hot water tank needs your help to save money on utility bills.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to keep your hot water consumption down to battle rising energy costs.

Don’t Waste Water

This may seem like a simple concept we grew up learning. But wasting water, especially heated water, is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to an increased monthly bill.

Be mindful when going about your day, and use these simple tricks to help save on your hot water usage:

  • Fill up the sink, basin style, when doing the dishes instead of scrubbing and rinsing the dishes under a steady stream of water.
  • Make sure you turn off the taps when brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  • Set an alarm, or timer for showering so you’re not staying in there longer than you really need to. 10 minutes should be the max for most showers.
  • Use the cold water cycle on your washing machine along with a cold-water detergent (trust us, it cleans just as well!).
  • And more!

Go Low Flow!

Low-flow, or water sense, taps and shower heads are another great way to save money on your hot water bill.

You could save an average of 2,700 gallons of water annually by switching to low-flow taps. These water savings reduce the demand on your hot water tank, which saves energy, and keeps your hot water costs at bay!

Stay Comfortable without Breaking the Bank

Hot water at home is a necessity for Canadian living. But the privilege shouldn’t drain your bank account each month.

In addition to the DIY tips above, give us a call today to explore your home efficiency options. Whether it’s a hot water tank installation, equipment repair, or maintenance, the friendly comfort techs at Action Furnace are ready to help!

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Written by Ryan Tutak

Ryan is considered one of Calgary's most knowledgeable residential HVAC specialists. Working in the industry for over 12 years, he's helped thousands of homeowners with their heating and cooling systems. Outside of running Calgary's most reputable HVAC business, you can find him on the Golf course practicing his short game or traveling with his family. His main goal is to create a positive collaborative culture, one in which his employees are excited to come in and are motivated to work hard. He spends the majority of his day working directly with Home Comfort Advisors, Service and Maintenance Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives ensuring they are fully prepared to lead the Home Service Industry in Customer Service.

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