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Furnace Basics

No online advice or how-to guide will ever replace a Home Comfort Advisor in your home answering your questions in person. We do want to make sure our most asked questions are accessible to our customers at any time of the day (or night in some cases). The purpose of this blog is to provide useful information that allows you to troubleshoot issues you may have with your home's Heating and Air Conditioning. Each article is written by our trained HVAC professionals so you can be assured it is accurate and useful.

Technician removing furnace filters from a furnace

How Does a Furnace Work?

When people say “furnace” what they are typically referring to is the system in place that heats their home.  While your furnace is likely sitting down in your utility room (commonly called a “furnace room”), know that the system that heats your home is actually a combination of appliances that work in conjunction with one […]

Properly cleaning a dirty furnace

Basic Furnace Maintenance

Like anything mechanical, your furnace requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. Thankfully, your furnace is designed to operate trouble-free and for long periods of time with minimal oversight. However, your furnace should undergo basic maintenance at least once per year. Many manufacturers specify that the warranty is […]

Furnace Technician testing for electrical charge to furnace

Top 10 Causes Of Furnace Failure

When the snow is blowing and your furnace gives out, knowing that the failure was likely preventable is a bit of a “cold comfort”. The best way to prevent furnace failure and subsequent freezing is by routinely checking your furnace before the cold season hits each year. If you’ve encountered a furnace problem regardless, look […]